The true self seed

In nature the seed contains enough food to begin its new life but is also dependant on environmental factors, namely the availability of sunlight and water to enable its healthy growth. As with seeds we humans are born with the potential of our true self inside us but depending on the environment we find ourselves in may not have the nourishment necessary to encourage us to develop the unique abilities and talents we all are born with.

The un-germinated seed

Many of us have the un-germinated seed of our true self within us because the environment of societal conditioning we are immersed in from birth has not taught us the value of positive and loving thoughts towards ourselves and how to listen to our hearts. The desire to fit in with society even when itís belief system goes against our own values is a survival instinct from a time when being abandoned or banished from the family or society meant a serious threat to survival. Although external environmental factors play an important part in the growth of the true self, without doubt the most important environment is that of the mind especially the subconscious mind because it is running 95% of our daily behaviour.

Nurturing your seed

Research into the science of neural plasticity shows the structure, function and the organization of neurons in our brains changes in response to new thoughts and experience. Nourish and nurture your true self seed with thoughts that contain loving and positive energy and it can flourish and help you grow into the person you want to be, feed it with self-limiting thoughts that contain negative energy and it remains an un-germinated unable to fulfil it's potential. The problem is that most of us carry programs imprinted in our subconscious mind from earlier in our lives, taking on the misperceptions of others and emotionally painful experiences we didnít know how to cope with can lead to negative thought and behavioural patterns that run our lives without us realising it.

Clearing, Connecting, Creating

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting can help nurture the seed of your true self by enabling you to clear the emotional blocks that are holding you back from living the life you want, whether those blocks manifest as fears, phobias or anxieties often inherited from our familial and societal environment or addictions that are used to mask them.

The good news is that even without the nurturing environment the seed survives until such time as the environment changes to a more nourishing one. In the same way your unique gifts can lay dormant until you develop the knowledge and skills to create a nourishing environment with your thoughts and behaviours. Tapping releases you from negative patterns of thinking and behaviour, so you are able to connect to the unified energy field also known as the matrix, the source of your life force and energy and the seed of your true self can grow and fulfil it's potential.

Remember itís never too late to start nurturing the seed of your true self with the energy of positive and loving thoughts so you can begin to grow into the light of self-fulfilment.

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