Physical symptoms of stress

Stress has become a modern day epidemic resulting from our attempt to keep up with the fast paced technological consumer world in which we are immersed. The pressures of this kind of environment range from work and financial worries, relationship issues, family of origin and parenting challenges to name a few. Lacking a clear concise method of dealing with these stressors, we soon feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. This typically leads to coping mechanisms such as overeating, smoking, alcohol and addictions of all kinds. These only create a feedback loop of more stress.

Within this feedback loop most people are aware of feeling irritable and anxious and unable to relax. They know they are stressed but may not realize that physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach problems, feeling dizzy, muscle tension and pain can actually be a direct result of their stressed mind.

When protection stops growth

A deeper understanding of the relationship between stress and physical symptoms can be found when we look at our two main categories of survival - Growth and Protection. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist at the forefront of a new science called Epigenetics (the study of environmental effects on the health of our genes) explains the mechanisms that respond to growth and the mechanisms that respond to protection cannot function optimally at the same time in our body.

According to Dr. Lipton, in a stress situation priority is given to the mechanisms of protection. When stress is triggered the bodily processes of cellular nutrition, repair and detoxification that support growth are halted so we have the best chance of survival. Whilst this would have often meant the difference between life or death for our ancestors when faced with a predator, it has become extremely problematic for modern man. Being in a constant state of daily stress means our growth mechanisms are inhibited most of the time so our bodies lack the proper time to recover and repair.

Contrary to the mainstream medical belief that physical symptoms are a sign the body is malfunctioning. The emerging field of Meta Medicine says we experience physical symptoms when the body has moved into the repair phase and they are a sign the body is healing. However if our stress is constantly being re-triggered the body is unable to complete the healing phase and return to full health.

Stress from trauma

Most acknowledge the stress created from the big "T" traumas of life such as environmental disasters, military combat, terrorist attack, severe motor-vehicle accidents, death, divorce and major illness. However, there are the small "t" traumas that can happen unexpectedly or repeatedly that add just as much stress yet are generally unacknowledged. These types of trauma are often experienced in the early years and shatter our sense of safety and security. Being bullied or rejected, excluded or ridiculed can all have a negative effect on our self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.

So in addition to the external stresses of modern life we also hold the stress from past traumatic experiences in our bodies and in our energy fields. When our subconscious perceives a similar threat to a past trauma it triggers our body’s survival or protection response. When the limbic (survival) brain is activated, as well as shutting down our growth mechanisms, it also bypasses our cognitive brain. Emotional blocks are created as a way for us to cope in a trauamatic situation.

Whether it is simply a thought about a traumatic event or the actual event itself the subconscious cannot differentiate and the same bodily responses are triggered. So when we replay traumatic memories in our minds over and over we re-experience the fear and anxiety thereby reinforcing a negative feedback loop. Until we have cleared the unprocessed feelings and emotional blocks from our past traumatic memories; the subconscious will continue triggering and reinforcing these blocks adding to the stress on our already compromised bodies. Overtime this can lead to physical symptoms and disease.

From surviving to thriving

We can use EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to identify the traumatic memories underlying our stress and clear the unprocessed emotions held in our energy field. Once the old energy patterns have been released through tapping we are freed from the repeated triggering of the survival response and can break the cycle of fear-based stress.

This frees our energy allowing our mind and body to make the shift from surviving to thriving as we open up to new possibilities for living healthier and happier lives of abundance.

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