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The body is the mirror of the mind and spirit

Rather than see our body, mind and spirit as separate individual parts it is helpful to see them as an interconnected and interdependent ecosystem. The energy pathways (meridians) and energy centers (chakras) that form our energy body are what connect our emotions and thoughts of our minds to our physical body within this ecosystem.

The physical body then can be seen as a mirror of the mind and an indicator of the health our mind and spirit. It is now widely accepted that emotional problems are an important and key factor in physical symptoms and disease. Unresolved past experiences and the feelings caused by them create negative energy blocks that lead to the imbalance of our mind/body/spirit ecosystem. However, if we can process the unresolved emotions attached to these events we can then release the emotional blocks thus freeing our energy. With free-flowing energy we can shift our health, emotions and mind to a more positive state and balance.

Emotions are energy

As we move through life we face many challenges. Sometimes we experience painful events that we simply donít know how to cope with. We live in a society and culture that has conditioned us to believe showing emotions is a sign of weakness. As a result, we are taught to suppress and deny them rather than express and release them. Emotions are energy and for us to remain healthy they need to flow.

When the energy flow becomes blocked by suppressed or denied emotions associated with past trauma we can experience stress, anxiety, anger, depression and use addictions to mask these feelings. EFT addresses these underlying negative feelings and allows us to process and release them so we can accept our past experiences and see them in a new light.

How does EFT work?

Often described as "emotional acupuncture without needles" it involves tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points whilst focusing on painful memories and the associated feelings and emotions. EFT addresses a wide range of emotions underlying stress, depression, physical issues and unproductive habits.

When the subconscious mind reads a current situation as similar to a past traumatic memory, the same emotions we experienced at the time of the original incident are triggered and we relive them again. This reinforces the repetitive patterns of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours associated with the memory that are the root cause of our emotional blocks.

Tapping works by sending signals to the brain that decreases the arousal of the amygdala (controls our survival response) and sends kinetic energy through blocked pathways in our energy system to clear them. As we hold the memory in our mind whilst we tap the survival response decreases until there is no fear or anxiety remaining and the memory can be brought to mind without it triggering the amygdala.

The memory is still there but it no longer holds any emotional charge and we are then able to shift our perspective and see the event in a way that makes it easier to accept the past and move forward with a more positive outlook.

Create new neural pathways

Research into the science of neural plasticity shows the structure, function and the organization of neurons in our brains can actually change in response to new thoughts and experiences. This means we donít have to be stuck in our old ways of thinking and behaving. Through the use of EFT we release the emotional blocks stored in painful memories and break the cycle of reinforcing neural pathways that lead to them.

Over time tapping allows us to create new neural pathways that lead to more consistent positive thoughts and feelings resulting in better emotional and physical health through a more balanced mind/body/spirit. This in turn enables us to be open to the nourishment offered by new ideas and possibilities for life.

EFT can be used for many emotional and physical issues that block us from living our lives to the fullest and realizing our greatest dreams and potential.

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Key Benefits of EFT

  • Simple to learn
  • Often works when nothing else seems to
  • Supports the bodyís natural healing ability
  • Resolve sensitive issues without discussing them
  • Empowers you through self healing
  • Tap into the power of your subconcious mind
  • Release emotional blocks naturally
  • Let go of self limiting beliefs

Whilst EFT has a high success rate and seems to work for most people most of the time there is no guarantee that what has worked for others will work for you. As an alternative therapy it is always recommended EFT is used in addition to medical advice from your GP or a health professional.
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