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EFT Tapping Points

The tapping points used in EFT are the end points of meridian pathways and have been chosen as they act on our entire energy system. You just need to follow the easy to remember sequence that involves tapping on the points moving down the body. As the points are located just under the skin tapping lightly will stimulate the flow of energy through your pathways.

Face and Body Points Tapping Point Body part/Organ Emotions released Allows
EFT Body tapping points TH: Top of head Governing Vessel Repetitive thinking,
Self criticism
EB: Beginning of
eye brow
Bladder Trauma,
Inner Peace,
SE: Side of eye Gall Bladder Rage, Anger,
Fear of change
UE: Under eye Stomach Anxiety, Worry,
Feeling safe
UN: Under nose Governing Vessel Shame, Guilt,
CH: chin Central Vessel Confusion,
Self confidence,
CB: Collarbone Kidney Feeling stuck,
Ease in moving
UA: Under arm Spleen Low self-esteem,
Compassion for
self and others

SS: The Sore Spot is used as an alternative Set up point to KC the Karate Chop hand point. Itís located in the upper left or right part of the chest and is sore to touch.

Hand Points Tapping Point Body part/Organ Emotions released Allows
EFT Hand tapping points TH: Thumb Lung Intolerance, Arrogance Integrity,
Self esteem
IF: Index finger Large Intestine Guilt, Apathy Endurance,
MF: Middle finger Heart Constrictor Jealousy, Addictions Love, Sex, Pleasure
RF: Ring finger Triple Warmer Pain, Depression Joy, Kindness
LF: Little finger Heart Hate, Shock, Craving Forgiveness, Contentment
KC: Karate chop Small Intestine Sadness Mental Clarity, Discernment

Basic EFT tapping sequence
  1. Select the issue you want to work on.
  2. Rate the emotional intensity of the issue you want to work on using a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst ever and 0 being no longer a problem. This is known as the SUDS level (Subjective Unit of Discomfort) and helps us assess the effectiveness of the therapy.
  3. Tap on your karate chop point and say the Set up phrase "Even though I have this (insert issue) I love and accept myself anyway" and repeat this three times.
  4. Starting at the top of the head tap with a couple of fingers a minimum of 7 times on each point and for each point use a reminder phrase (this issue) to keep you tuned into the emotion.
  5. Follow this by doing the 9-Gamut procedure explained below.
  6. The Gamut point is a special point used in the 9-Gamut procedure located on the indentation between the ring and little finger. Keep tapping on this point whilst doing the follow exercises.

    Open eyes

    Close eyes

    Eyes down left

    Eyes down right

    Circle eyes clockwise

    Circle eyes counter clockwise

    Hum a tune

    Count to 9

    Hum a tune

  7. Repeat the tapping sequence described in Step 4.
  8. Re-assess the intensity of the issue using the scale of 1 to 10.
  9. If the feeling is 0 well done you have cleared the issue.
  10. If there is still some intensity remaining do another round of tapping and adjust your set up phrase to "Even though I still feel (issue) or this remaining (issue) I love and accept myself anyway".
  11. If the emotion has changed to something else or in the case of physical pain moved to another part of your body (do further rounds of tapping and adjust your set up phrase accordingly).
  12. If the intensity has gone up again do further rounds of tapping and adjust your set up phrase to reflect this change.
  13. Stop when you feel relief and the issue is disappeared.
After you have made a booking I would recommend you learn the tapping points to get the most out of your session.
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