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"My friend put me in touch with Amy her EFT therapist. I must confess that I was a little skeptical at first because Amy told me that EFT could help to relieve the pain from my Arthritis, my GP had told me that I would have to take pain relief for the rest of my life as arthritis was incurable. Amy showed me a tapping technique that we practiced for a few minutes and to my surprise the pain in my lower back had disappeared! I am very grateful to Amy for showing me this technique because I can now use it anytime to treat myself for pain and this is a valuable tool to have.

I highly recommend Amy because she is very passionate and knowledgeable about EFT and she is very warm and friendly. I felt completely calm and at ease being treated by her. Tapping is a great tool for anyone looking for a drug free pain relief."

Tiffany, London

"I have been working with Amy to try and resolve my fear of flying. I havenít been able to fly for over ten years and itís really important to me and my family that I tackle my issues. I have tried various other treatments unsuccessfully and my previous experiences led me to be slightly skeptical about a new treatment style. Amy, however, has such a wonderful manner and style that she instantly put me at ease. We have been working through the issues behind my fear and I have discovered hidden feelings and emotions I wasnít consciously aware of. Each session feels a bit like weíre taking down a wall brick by brick, the wall isnít fully demolished yet but I hope and trust we will one day succeed. The whole experience has been really positive and I would highly recommend Amy and EFT."

L, London

"Working with Amy has been not only beneficial to me but also inspirational. Handling delicate subjects about my deep personal emotions can be hard going, Amy manages to create such a safe place that it is ok to "go there" and deal with anything. The care she takes, her empathy and respect for others shows just how talented she really is. Thank you for your support and love."

Ric, Brighton

"Before working with Amy I found myself planning my trips so I could avoid heights but now am able to travel on escalators and on a recent skiing holiday took the flight and the daily cable car trips all in my stride. I would highly recommend EFT and Amy."

Susan, London

"Amy has a natural ability to see to the core of an issue and she guides people gently and efficiently through difficult emotional landscapes. Even one session with her helped me enormously to clear and understand some deep-rooted difficult feelings. I felt safe, supported and held throughout the process and after working with her, the tension and anxiety have dissipated and the external situation has completely changed. Working with Amy is a healing and empowering experience which I wholeheartedly recommend."

Maria, London

"Amy is a gifted and natural healer. Her multi-dimensional life experience coupled with her dynamic artistic talents have given her the gift of true heart centered empathy. She profoundly understands and intuits the deeper layers of an individualís challenges. I came to Amy with what I thought to be simple shoulder and elbow pain and I had heard that EFT was great for dealing with body pain. I just wanted it gone so I could get on with life. Through patient listening and a clear heart centered connection Ė Amy was able to facilitate and guide me to my real underlying issues and my own source of solutions. She didnít promise me quick fixes or tell me what was wrong. What I have come away with as a result is a much deeper and permanent consciousness shift that not only helped healed my body from the inside out but opened my heart to a much higher level of awareness. She truly is Source Blessed!"

Raiana Golden, Seattle WA, USA

"Upon meeting Amy for the first time, I was immediately put at ease by her calm & caring manner. She has opened me up to the world of EFT, for which I am very grateful. Amy's guidance and practice has enabled me to cope with the stresses & strains of daily life to which I am sensitive. Amy has given me the knowledge & tools to support me when dealing with my anxiety attacks which I have occasionally. I have recommended Amy to friend who suffers with stress and she has really helped her too. I am very glad to have met her."

Poppy, London

"Amy has helped me to go to some really deep and traumatic places, which has then set me free from my own limiting beliefs.† She is a truly heart-centred woman with a strong intuitive sense and understanding of how trauma affects both the physical body as well as the mind. Her kind and gentle way is balanced with great skill and understanding of the human condition.† I would strongly recommend Amy and indeed EFT and Matrix Reimprinting."

Helen, Eastbourne

"I came to Amy while going through some very challenging and painful circumstances in my life which had brought up some deep core issues. I was in a raw and grief stricken place but Amy's warmth, openness and empathy quickly made me feel safe and at ease. I had several sessions with her where I was able to do the most deep and healing work I have ever done. It was not an easy process but Amy's skill and gentleness meant that I never felt alone or pushed in to going somewhere I didn't want to go or that I couldn't do it. We did all our sessions on Skype and I was amazed that this way of working allows such deep healing work to take place. Amy has a very unique approach and combines great skill and expertise with intuition and creativity. I would recommend her as an EFT and Matrix Practitioner without hesitation."

Alison, North London

"Amy is a warm, quiet, calm and understanding person, she made me feel relaxed and safe during our EFT session. She has a natural healing ability, a passion for what she does and actually listens to what you say. I came away from the session feeling relaxed and happy, I felt something deep had shifted. That night I slept like a baby! Thank you Amy, best wishes"

Sallie, Shoreham-By-Sea

"Amy is a highly skilled, intuitive and imaginative EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. She is a kind and non judgemental person and as such was able to help me find my way safely through some private and difficult emotional experiences. I highly recommend Amy and EFT as a way to help guide you through life's emotional challenges to a place of understanding, inner peace and resolution."

Barbara, Isle of Man

"One Session of EFT with Amy has had powerful life changing affects on my life and how I feel about myself. Amy helped release childhood trauma for me. I felt blocked and was suffering with fear and anxiety. This was stopping me from moving forward and achieving my dreams. Amy Branton is an incredible lady with immense compassion and understanding. She is highly intuitive and an extraordinarily gifted therapist. Amy knew instantly how to release and process my fears which have lead to a deep inner healing for me. I now am moving forward with my life with inner joy and confidence which were blocked before my session. I owe all this to the incredible insight and talents of Amy. She is so dedicated and caring and has such respect and gentleness when she works with you. Amy is so approachable and gentle and instantly puts you at ease. I would highly recommend Amy and doing EFT with her! Thank you Amy."

Darryl, Hove

"I first experienced EFT in 2006 and found it to be a moving experience but wasnít quite ready to believe tapping yourself on the head was going to have mind altering effects!†Swing forward 6 years and I discovered the true strength and enlightenment it is possible to gain when engaging with EFT.†

Through the tapping techniques and talking through my feelings, Amy has helped me to feel strength and belief in myself, the likes of which I havenít had for decades. †It seems it wasnít until I was profoundly challenged by a crisis in my marriage I was able to really engage in this, but I wish I had done so 6 years ago!†My experience of tapping has helped me gain personal strength through the first stages of divorce and heal my past enough to move on from negative patterns.† It has also helped me stop using food to mask my emotions and face life.†

Amy has a deeply grounded karma and holds a level of†feminine strength every woman aspires to.† Her understanding and passion for EFT have given me great courage and I thank her for helping me have courage to see the world from a different perspective without being talked into anything, you only take out of EFT what you truly believe in but the tools gave me strength to believe in myself."

Ruth, Shoreham-By-Sea

"I met Amy at a Holistic and Mystic Festival in Hove where she was demonstrating EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Having heard of EFT, I was very keen to have a session to see if it would make a difference to an issue that had been stressing me for a long time.

I was drawn by Amy's warm charismatic aura and felt immediately that I would be safe in her presence. We started the session by discussing my feeling of being overburdened at work. Amy, through her gentle technique of questioning, was able to identify a limiting belief that I had for a long time. After several rounds of tapping, we got to a core issue. In what I can only describe as a 'Eureka!' moment, Amy made the connection between an event that had occurred in my childhood that had somehow continued to influence my need to feel responsible for others in my adult life. During the session with Amy, it became clear to me that my sense of overwhelming responsibility to others had become a blockage to my own happiness.

If you want somebody who is warm, sensitive, and has an engaging protective aura, I highly recommend a visit to Amy. I am sure, like me you will definitely reap the amazing benefits of EFT."

Robert, London

"Before working with Amy, my confidence was all over the place. I could just about answer questions in class but I always felt self-conscious about it. After our session I felt like I was a more confident person, and have since been able to talk in public using a microphone. She is nothing but supporting, happy and understanding.

I would highly recommend Amy and EFT."

Sophie, Crawley

"On my first session with Amy I just knew I had the right person to help me with my emotional difficulties, she really does the work from the heart and it felt good. She showed so much empathy and put me at ease straight away I felt 'safe' and held by her. I felt comfortable telling her things that I would not normally talk about and even when I couldn't talk about something she enabled me to tap on the problem. We even went back to my birth and that of my son's. She was a natural at reaching the core of my problem even before I had seen it myself. The EFT was amazing and the matrix reimprinting was very moving and I know I would never have healed as much as I have without her guidance and help.

Thank you Amy. "

Janet, Steyning

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