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What to expect

Once you have booked a session I will ask you to send me some background information about yourself and your issue before we meet so I can make an initial assessment. Then at the start of our session you will have time to talk about the issue you would like to work on and what you would like to achieve. We then describe the issue using words or phrases that allow us to ‘tune into’ the problem as I guide you through the tapping sequence of meridian points on the face, upper body and hands and tap along with you.

Whilst we are tapping emotions and memories can surface and you may feel physical sensations such as warmth and tingling as energy begins to shift. Each session is tailored for your own unique life experience and it is common that new insights and perspectives on your issue emerge as we move towards resolution allowing a more relaxed, energetic and positive you to shine through.

How many sessions will I need?

This is dependent on you and the type of issue you are working on. Almost everyone experiences benefits after the first session and occasionally some people have what's known in the EFT world as a 'one minute wonder' where one round of tapping is enough to clear their issue but this is definitely the exception not the rule.

Whilst individual sessions can bring great healing benefits in my experience more often people find they benefit from a series of sessions as our emotional blocks, habits and physical pain have many layers built up over a long period of time that can take some perseverance to resolve.

If possible it is better to plan on a number of sessions to allow you to fully explore and connect with what you discover during the process and integrate the changes that will emerge in a way that feels safe and comfortable for you.

Sessions in person

I offer home visits in Brighton and surrounding areas and I also practice from therapy rooms in Hove. Please contact me to discuss your needs. The cost of sessions includes travel on public transport to your home. Shoreham sessions are charged at the Skype rate.

Skype sessions

I offer Skype sessions world wide.


Our sessions are strictly confidential. It is possible to resolve sensitive issues without discussing them.

Audio recording

An audio recording of Skype or face to face sessions can be provided on request.


If you find you have to reschedule or cancel our session please give me the courtesy of 24 hours notice by either phone or email to avoid being charged for the session. If you purchase a package of sessions please plan to use them within 3 months.

Are you ready to step on the path of positive change?

Book a session or a 30 minute free phone consultation

Tel: 07738 277379

Paying for your sessions

Once we have scheduled your session or group of sessions payment can be made using PayPal.

In person

1 hour = £60
2 hours = £110
4 x 1 hour
session = £220


1 hour = £55
2 hours = £100
4 x 1 hour
sessions = £200

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